A new manual to help prevent major accidents at enterprises

Published 28-10-2016

The risk management manual will help public authorities and enterprises with health and safety work at the potentially most dangerous enterprises in Denmark.

Public authorities charged with preventing major accidents in Denmark are publishing a risk management manual online. The manual will support both public authorities and enterprises in their efforts to prevent and reduce the consequences of major accidents with hazardous chemicals at the approximately 150 high-risk enterprises in Denmark.

What is in the manual?

Denmark has transposed the Seveso legislation and included legislation regarding intermediate storage. This legislation covers the temporary storage of hazardous substances e.g. in buildings, harbour areas, rail freight areas or marshalling yards.  A tool has been made available to help enterprises determine whether they are covered by the rules. Based solely on the use of information on UN ADR codes the tool can determine whether a temporary type of storage represents the same hazards as permanent types of storage. Read more about the rules at http://eng.mst.dk/topics/industry/seveso-sites/special-rules/.

The following are the most important items for enterprises and public authorities to read about in the risk management manual:

  • Memo on transitional regulations: Most existing high-risk enterprises have a deadline on 1 November to update their documentation with new information in relation to CLP-classifications, but there may be other deadlines which are also relevant to be aware of.
  • Tools for using the summation formula: In connection with the transition to new regulations, documentation must be updated with CLP classifications for hazardous substances covered by the Statutory Order Implementing Seveso III.
  • Memo on the review of safety documents or reports: A comprehensive document which describes the required content of the safety document or safety report, respectively, and the new sections are particularly emphasised.
  • Memo on new aspects as a consequence of Seveso III: A separate document has also been prepared that summarises the most important new regulatory items in the Statutory Order Implementing Seveso III.

All these documents can be found in the box marked "Risikohåndbogens vigtigste dokumenter" ("the most important documents in the risk management manual")

Visit The Risk Management Manual (In Danish)

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