Biocides: New version of the communication system R4BP 3 coming in July 2016

Published 26-05-2016

Are you preparing biocides dossiers in IUCLID 5 for application of biocide containing products in June or July this year? Then it is really important that you consider when data is transferred to IUCLID 6

A new version of the IT-system IUCLID was published on April 29 2016. Now the common European application system R4BP 3 is to be updated accordingly to insure corporation between the two systems. The update will be on July 5 2016.

After update of R4BP 3, the programme will only accept dossiers prepared in IUCLID 6. Hence it is important that the upgrade from IUCLID 5 to IUCLID 6 is planned, if you as an applicant are considering application submission in June or July 2016. This is especially relevant if you are preparing dossiers for isopropanol (propan-2-ol), alpha-cypermethrin, Bacillus sphaericus 2362, Bacillus thuringiensis or tolylfluanid in the relevant product types where the deadline for application is July 1, if you wish to stay on the marked during procession of the application.

More information regarding timelines and how to plan the data transfer due to the update is available at ECHAs homepage.