Simplification of rules

The Danish Ministry of the Environment and with it the Environmental Protection Agency work systematically to simplify existing and new legislation. The objective is to minimise the administrative requirements made of commerce and industry by the Ministry.

Before an amendment to an act or a new act enters into force, the Ministry evaluates its consequences for enterprises, for citizens and for other authorities, both in economic and administrative terms.

The administrative burden is mapped every year

The administrative burden on commerce and industry as a result of environmental legislation is mapped every year. The reference measurement in 2001 valued the Ministry's costs at DKK 915 million. The goal has been to reduce this by 25 per cent or DKK 230 million in 2010.

A final measurement taken at the end of 2010/ beginning of 2011 showed that the Danish Ministry of the Environment had indeed attained this goal: in fact the administrative costs were reduced by 26.6 per cent.

The administrative burden is measured using the AMVAB method. Read more about the Standard Cost Model at the AMVAB website.
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