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The Pesticide Reseach Programme

Call for project applications for the Danish Environmental Protection Agency's Pesticide Research Programme 2017-2020

The Danish Environmental Protection Agency (Danish EPA) hereby calls for applications for funding within the pesticide research area (plant protection products, biocides and microbiological pesticides).


The Chemical Substances and Products Act no. 849 of 24. juni 2014 allow for funding of research aiming at reducing the overall load on health and the environment from the use of pesticides. Pesticides include plant protection products and biocides (e.g. rodenticides, wood preservatives, and disinfectants).

Both pesticides and biocides include chemical and microbiological products.

The research programme is administered by the Danish EPA.

What are the objectives of the Danish EPA's Pesticide Research Programme?

The aim of the strategic research is to enhance the knowledge base on pesticides in order to secure a solid scientific foundation for administration of legislation and action plans in the pesticide area.

Call for applications 2017-2020

In this call for applications, selection of the research themes is based on the targets and instruments identified in the government's pesticides strategy. Selection has also focussed on topics which are considered appropriate in order to retain continuity in research in the area.

The special focus areas in this call for applications are described in the guidelines, see Notice 2017-2020 on applications for funding from the Danish EPA Pesticide Research Programme.

It is possible to apply for funding for projects of short or long duration. In this call, projects must commence in June 2017, to be concluded with a report by no later than 31 May 2020.

There is approximately DKK 16 mill. available in this call for applications, for distribution in the period 2017-2020.

Deadline for submission of applications

Applications must be received by the Danish EPA by no later than Thursday 1 December 2016.

Applications received after this deadline will not be processed.

Who can qualify for funding?

Funding is available for public and private research institutions which work on strategic research within the pesticides area. Research should aim at solving problems or developing new methods of reducing pesticides use and/or pesticide load. The application should be submitted by the researcher heading the project and with primary responsibility for its completion.

Applications for funding may be submitted by private or public research institutions as well as private firms. Foreign nationals and Danish nationals employed abroad may apply for funding, but the application will be assessed on the basis of whether the applied project strengthens the foundation for Danish administration of pesticides or biocides.

How to apply for funding

Application form and more information on the call for applications for pesticide research funding are found below:

Notice for the present call
Guidelines for application 
Application form
Budget sheet for applicants
Budget sheet for subcontractors
Timetable sheet
Schedule sheet
Standard terms and conditions 

Assessment of project applications

Applications received will be sent to Innovationsfonden – Denmark immediately after the closing date for applications with a request for scientific assessment, cf. section 5 of Consolidating Act on Danmarks Innovationsfond cf. Consolidating Act no. 306 of 29 Marts 2014.

On the basis of a relevance assessment, the Advisory Committee for Pesticide Research under the Danish EPA will select projects for funding from the applications assessed to be scientifically satisfactory by the Danish Council for Strategic Research.

Formal requirements

The substance of applications will not be assessed but they will be rejected immediately if:

  • they do not contribute to meeting the objectives of the programme,
  • the application form has not been completed in accordance with the requirements in the notice guidelines,
  • the budget form has not been completed in accordance with the requirements in the notice guidelines,
  • the application has not been submitted within the deadline for applications.

For further information, contact:

Henrik Frølich Brødsgaard, telephone no. +45 72 54 45 02, email:  



Henrik F. Brødsgaard

Afdeling: Pesticides & Gene Technology