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The evaluation framework

The Danish evaluation framework with regard to the environment and health

The Environmental Protection Agency's principles for evaluating the effects of pesticides on health and environment are outlined in the Framework for the Assessment of Plant Protection Products. The Framework was revised in June 2011 in connection with the implementation of Regulation No. 1107/2009. 

In the revision of the Framework (version 1.3, April 2014) the human health assessment has been revised for residents (children) and criteria for PPPs for
non-professional use have been included. The Fate and Ecotoxicology sections have been updated with regard to modelling of leaching, birds and mammals risk assessment, and buffer zones for non-target arthropods and non-target plants.

In the latest version of the Framework (version 1.4, May 2015) the human health assessment and environmental assessment has been harmonised with the EU-assessment based on EFSA guidance.


New version:


Previous versions

Danish framework assessment pesticides, April 2014
This version can be voluntarily applied from April 2014 and will be mandatory from January 2015.

Framework assessment of pesticides, 2013
This version was to be applied for applications after February 2013.

Risk assessment for birds, mammals and plant protection products

The Environmental Protection Agency's risk assessment of pesticides with regard to birds and mammals is based on EU guidance documents as outlined in the evaluation framework. Often, there may be a need to perform a risk assessment for particular Danish conditions - also known as a 'higher tier' risk assessment.
To this end, a North Zone guidance document has been prepared describing the birds and mammals of relevance in the zone and presenting scenarios for a series of use areas. The document is linked to a spreadsheet which is used in connection with the scenarios. 
These documents are available under the North Zone Cooperation site.

Description of further specific refinements accepted for Danish conditions.

Previous versions of Danish scenarios and spreadsheet:
Download Scenarios,  February 2011  
Download Spreadsheet, August 2010