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About the Project

The objective of the project is to describe the role Nordic food retailers can play in SCP and to demonstrate the actions taken by Nordic food retailers in the area of sustainable consumption and production. In addition the objective is to provide concrete proposals on how Nordic authorities can facilitate that retailers take the utmost responsibility and contributes directly and indirectly to increased sustainability.

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Sustainable consumption and production is one of the four main focus areas for the Danish presidency of the Nordic Council in 2010. Current research suggests that retailers have the potential to play a critical role in stimulating sustainable production and influencing consumers towards greener consumption and lifestyles.

The aim of the project is to survey the initiatives on SCP implemented by different Nordic food retailers and describe different cases in the Nordic countries and thereby inspire more action in the retail sector. Another focus of the project is to examine how Nordic cooperation within the retail sector can be strengthened, what are the barriers in the retail sector to influence consumers' environmental choices in the stores and what have been successful initiatives? The desire is to get support from the retail sector to increase the influence of consumers’ environmental behaviour and knowledge.

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