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Nordic guidelines and co-operation on green procurement of textiles in hospitals

Cooperation on green procurement of textiles in hospitals in the Nordic area must be enhanced. This is the aim of an established network of Nordic hospital procurers.

The present market for sustainable textiles must grow, if the objectives in the Nordic action plan are to be achieved. Authorities are able to influence the market directly via public procurement of textiles.

This initiative is focused on enhanced cooperation on green procurement of textiles in hospitals in the Nordic area. Therefore, a network of Nordic hospital procurers has been established. The first meeting of the network was held in Malmö May 10 2016. At meetings, participants have the opportunity to share knowledge and best practice with Nordic colleagues.

Moreover, the network will contribute to the development of a guide on green procurement of textiles in the health care sector. The guidelines will make it easier for procurement staff in all of the Nordic countries to place requirements on more sustainable textiles and textile services.

The network and drafting of the guide are facilitated by the network secretariat, comprised of PlanMiljø and TEM. The project runs to February 2017.

For more information, please contact: Birgitte Kjær, Danish EPA, .