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Results from the "Better control of nano materials" initiative

In 2012-15, 6 million Danish kroner per year was allocated in the budget law to the initiative called “Better Control of Nanomaterials”. The objective was to increase understanding of exposure pathways and possible harmful effects of nanomaterials.

This page provides easy access to the 30 reports and other results produced as a part of this initiative.

Check out the full list of reports on nanomaterials

List of presentations from the dissemination workshop - Danish "Better control of nanomaterials" initiative, 2012-2015


Summary on nanomaterials in Denmark

General overview of results and of possible consumer and environmental risks 


Identifying and measuring nanomaterials

Brief introduction to nanomaterials and challenges associated with their measurement in products and the environment


Use and release sources of nanomaterials

Overview of projects having surveyed where nanomaterials are applied and where they could be released


Consumer risk and nanomaterials

Consumer exposure and possible risks


Environmental risk and nanomaterials

Estimation of levels and possible risks of nanomaterials in the environment


Regulation of nanomaterials

The Danish nanoproduct register and other regulatory activities