Possibility of calculating the Danish pesticide tax

Published 28-10-2014

The Danish pesticide tax law implies that the tax on plant protection products is based on their properties with respect to human health and the environment (their “load”)

In the law, the calculations are described in detail but they are complicated so there is a request for a service allowing for the calculation of both the environmental load of (new) active substances and the tax on (new) plant protection products.
The Danish EPA is now making such a service available.
In the upper left corner, you can shift to the other service by clicking  Gå til” either “Miljøbelastningsberegner“ og “Afgiftsberegner”.

Instructions for use of the two services are available here:

Calculation of pesticid tax 
Calculation of environmental load

The calculations are based on the algorithms, which are described in the Danish ”Pesticide tax act” (Lov om ændring af lov om afgift af bekæmpelsesmidler (Lov nr. 594 af 18/06/2012 https://www.retsinformation.dk/Forms/R0710.aspx?id=142470). An English version is available here available here: